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What We Do

Our approach is simple; we let you explore ideas from a Islamic perspective with just a few keystrokes or a phone call. Having direct access to Shari’a and Halal experts makes it so easy for you to share information and better understand how your products will function in the world of Sharia compliant businesses.

Save Money!

It is our USP to provide SMEs and NPOs with cost efficient services. The value for money against our services is so effective that we surpass our competitors who charge hefty amount for providing the same quality services. The key to our cost efficiency and premium service is our diversified experience and multiple assignments that enables us to hire in-house senior scholars and seasoned business professionals so that you could enjoy from their global experience at subsidized rates.

Save Time!

Whether you are a SME or Non-Profit organization you have plenty on your plate. The only thing required from you is initiative towards Shari’ah compliance. We save your time by letting you remain focused on what you do best while we take care of all Shari’ah matters.

“Halal Turnkey Solutions” (HTS)

“Halal Turnkey Solutions” (HTS) works with entrepreneurs and SMEs with 10 to 100 employees who have seen success of their enterprise but are desperate to organize and establish Shariah Compliant systems within their institutions. If you are not one of them then you are not at the right place!! Developing these systems will help you fulfill your religious or regulatory obligations. Besides this, a Shariah compliant company can avail tax benefits hence increase their profits. Non-profit organizations can benefit by attracting funds easily.
At HTS it is our utmost priority to ease you by providing a smooth turnkey solution for transforming your organization into a complete Shariah compliant company. This will help you concentrate on your core business activity.
Our primacy is not only to guide according to Shariah Laws but we integrate market knowledge of practitioners and try to provide a unique and easily applicable and most fruitful substitute for business entities which could help them operate business more effectively and efficiently.

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What we bring to you


According to the State of the Global Economy Report 2018-19, Concept of Halaal foods and FMGs has created a colossal market of over 2 trillion US Dollars which will cross 3 trillion ..



Halal Turnkey Solutions provides Supervision & Advisory services on various financial propositions. We let you explore ideas from a Halal perspective with just a few key strokes or ..



Our HALAAL training services helps educate and empower our clients with relevant knowledge and skills required in the application, maintenance and enforcement of HALAAL ..



HTS has developed a portfolio of services that allow organizations to establish Ethical/Shariah compliant operations by overcoming the impediments and inefficiencies that are currently prevalent across financial services market.
We advise to an assortment of firms ranging from individual entrepreneur to Family businesses, SMEs and NPOs. We at HTS relief our customer with one stop turnkey solutions as all of your queries regarding Shariah is addressed and resolved by us.
We assist in reviewing, structuring and restructuring your business model, investments and contracts. Our team trains your staff and departments accordingly, hence develop a customized Shariah compliant business structure. Not only limited to that but we also provide you with a better and safe solutions so that your business does not compromise on financial grounds and achieves a sustainable competitive advantage.
Our professionals have worked with companies in international business context beyond the banking and insurance sectors towards a wide range of industries such as energy, agricultural, pharmaceutical, real-estate, retail, manufacturing, retail, and transportation and with many more to come.


HTS is newly formed Shariah Advisory and management consulting firm, which resulted from execution of collaborated ideas of our team, which consists of Business professionals and Shariah Scholars with over a decades experience accumulated in different areas of business, research and Fatawa’a in Islamic Finance. We are committed in providing our customers comprehensive, end-to-end and ethical shariah based solutions and services.

We have establish HTS with an aim to cater the demand of Shariah solutions of local and global SMEs. SMEs, who desire to convert into a Shariah compliant company but have constraints in establishing a Shariah department or hiring seasoned professionals to transform their company. They either lack resources, or avoid taking the hassle of this change management processes that distract them from their core business activities. HTS which provides these businesses a cost efficient turnkey solution by integrating it’s professional and Shariah expertise together.

Our Methodology

HTS ensures that their services are of premium quality. A senior seasoned scholar reviews the research conducted by our professionals. Any gaps identified, are reprocessed and finalized before we present to the client. We actually act as a Shariah department for our clients. The key to our cost efficiency and premium service is our diversified experience and multiple assignments that enables us to hire in-house senior scholars and seasoned business professionals and benefit from their global experiences.

Focusing mainly on our Shariah consulting services to SMEs, despite in our initial years’ strategic plan to penetrate local the market, alhamdulillah, we are experiencing a great success beyond our expectations due to continuously.
We also focus on creating industry wide awareness that helps organizational development of human capital. Beside this, we provide in-house training courses and customize research.

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HTS is formed by a seasoned team of entrepreneurs, business professionals, and well reputed Shariah scholars equipped with contemporary education allowing to comprehend easily and offer customized and modern business models, techniques and transactions.

Although HTS is newly formed firm yet is capable of providing high quality services as our team members possess shariah, Islamic finance, finance, business and legal qualifications with a decade’s experience in reviewing, structuring, advisory and consultancy work in relation to Islamic finance. We provide you with shariah advice that is enhanced by extensive experience, legal and business insights.